Our Story Coconut Hut

It all began around 2011 in Arizona when Deslie, my wife, began to really get into organic and raw foods. She bought a bunch of cook books and was watching multiple shows on the Internet while researching online for healthier ways to eat. We began to go to farmers markets every weekend and buy from local farms and vendors. Des would create all these magnificent and interesting dishes and desserts she found. Des embraced a vegan diet shortly after.

When Des became pregnant with Amelia, she was determined to keep an organic and healthy diet. Although she started consuming organic meats and eggs during the pregnancy she continued on the healthy foods lifestyle. I am not saying we didn’t eat out, nor have pizza, pancakes, and cheeseburgers during her pregnancy, but at home she stayed on track.

Fast forward to the last month before Amelia arrived…..Des really wanted to go to the ocean before the baby was born so we headed to Southern California. It was a sunny day in Del Mar we were staying in a beach hotel for a week. I rode bikes with my son, Logan, to buy him a new wetsuit at the surf shop down the street. I picked up a local marketing magazine and saw an ad for a private chain of acai and smoothie shops in LA beach towns. The pictures of their breakfast bowls and smoothies looked vibrant with fresh fruits. I told Des this was going to be the next big thing in AZ.

When we got back home I placed the magazine on the ad page on our piano. We would look at it every day and I would say “We should open a restaurant like that here.” I had a part time temp job tem minutes from our house. I would drive through the Islands Shopping Center in Gilbert, Arizona where an empty coffee shop was available for rent. The people down Warner Rd. were always jogging and walking or riding bikes, and there seem to be gyms in every corner. Looked like a great area for our restaurant concept.

We searched around town and found a few spots that were offering like foods and products. We went to the shops to gather ideas and taste their menu and study their operation. Des began drafting a menu after realizing her job was no longer holding peak interest. We decided to go for it!

Thus the Coconut Hut was born and we went to work in The Islands community in Gilbert, Arizona. We have embarked on this voyage and invite everyone wishing to have a healthy lifestyle to join us whenever possible and enjoy our family oriented restaurant.

Hope to see you soon!

Sheridan and Des